Awaken Church

Awaken Church

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An eyes-wide-open church that’s filling a “hole in the Bible Belt” through unique and focused vision.

Awaken Church

A Vision to Rally Around

Pastors Ryan Cavinder and Josiah Ley knew they were leading a church of unique people, and they also knew that meant ditching the typical church archetype.

Facing both the pandemic and a leadership change, growing and challenging their congregation had to start with a clear new direction for Awaken Church’s brand, one that spoke to a focused vision for the future of cultivating culture and community.

“We’re in a unique spot. So we felt like we needed something that was specific to us and the goals that God had put on our hearts and where he wants to lead this church specifically,” Pastor Ryan explained. “We wanted to give our people some very clear direction as to where we’re headed. So they could really rally around this.”

It was time to wake up.

Reaching A Sleeping Community

Planting and growing a church in Round Rock, Texas, isn’t ideal. Despite being in the “Bible Belt,” the location of Awaken Church is known for being “scattered and sleeping,” with the majority of its residents being transplants from other cities, uninterested in church, or both.

The high level of transplants means many residents of the area don’t feel they have a solid or safe community around them. Add to that the rising cost of living, financial stress, and a growing rate of anxiety and depression, and you’ve got a city prone to “sleepwalking” — full of people going through the motions of daily life with no sense of purpose.

That’s where Ryan and Josiah hoped to step in. But their previous strategy felt off. They described it as feeling like “wearing someone else’s clothes.” If they were going to reach and equip their community, they needed a strategy to rebrand their church and match the mission in their hearts.

With a goal of authenticity, approachability, and intentionality, Ryan and Josiah were ready to partner with ArtSpeak to create a messaging strategy and church rebrand that met their people where they were and called them to something greater.

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Awaken Church

A Living, Breathing Brand

We kicked off our partnership with Awaken with an on-site visit. Two ArtSpeak team members spent time getting to know the people and the area, and even helped fold chairs at the end of the service. We were inspired to see and experience all that Awaken is doing to cultivate culture and community while reaching people for Jesus!

Our team spent the day consulting on Awaken’s Mission and Vision Statements. Then we went to work on their messaging, including their church’s one-liner, which is a directive to the people of their city:

Awaken Church welcomes anyone who wants to shake off distraction, break out of their comfort zone, and live wide awake.

For the look and feel of their rebrand, Awaken wanted a focus on approachability, leaning away from an overtly masculine tone and in a more neutral direction. We started with a grounded color palette and zeroed in on earthy tones. Our designers chose colors to make the brand feel stylized, but gave them soft lines and grainy textures to add a touch of authenticity.

We chose fonts that are sharp and elegant. But the curves in the serif font Bona Nova lend a friendly touch, supported by their occasional use of a handwritten font.

Awaken’s previous logo was a full word mark they found difficult to work with when trying to scale or abbreviate in different contexts, so we focused on an icon for their rebranded logo. This option is bold and easily recognizable, working well when used on websites, merchandise, and across digital platforms.

Awaken Church

Motivation to Live Out the Mission

In light of their new messaging and branding, Awaken continues to center themselves on who they know they are: a church seeking to meet the needs of their community and proclaim the gospel. The more clearly and consistently they proclaim that truth through their messaging and branding, the more united their people become in living it out.

“We feel called to share the gospel far and wide. God has put me in a church of about a hundred average attendance on a Sunday, and we’ve got well over 10 percent who are local or former global missionaries,” Pastor Ryan explained.

“We’ve got former pastors; we’ve got some incredible people and some future pastors, too. And so we really feel like we want to be that sending church.”

Want a look behind the scenes? See the mood board that inspired this brand.

“We vetted several companies to help guide our church through a rebrand and from the moment we connected with ArtSpeak, all other options couldn’t compete. This company is the real deal! Their methods are effective and helpful and their team is loaded with genuine people with exceptional talent!”

“Throughout the process, we felt seen, understood, and cared for through thorough and proactive communication. Their process was clear and simple, yet the depth of knowledge we uncovered through each step of the journey was profound. Jeremy coached us so well through the process and the team kept delivering each step of the way.”

“One piece of advice: don’t overlook the value of the onsite visit. It was a game-changer!”

“Thank you, ArtSpeak Creative, for a phenomenal experience and for helping position our church to make a meaningful impact for years to come!”

Josiah Ley
Worship and Creative Pastor
Awaken Church

“Call ArtSpeak. First and foremost, these guys are phenomenal. I don’t think we knew what God was going to do, and maybe it was better that way, but make sure that you’re ready. Make sure that your staff’s ready for what’s coming, because the investment is more than just dollars and cents … I think it’s one of the most valuable processes I’ve been through in my professional career. Honestly, I was just continually impressed.”

Ryan Cavinder
Lead Pastor
Awaken Church