Church Branding

Church Branding

What would you say to the world if everyone could hear? You have a message. It's why you do what you do. It's life-changing. But the world is a noisy place. For us, branding is not about a logo or fonts or colors. It's about discovering the heart of your identity, your passion and your purpose and crafting it into a message that pierces the noise.
Church Branding


The concept of a brand is simple: it is the overall impression that your audience has about you. What do people think and feel when your organization comes up? Do they recognize you when they see you?

We work with you to create not just a name and a logo, but a cohesive system of communication and design so that your message and your story pours through everything you do.


It begins with discovery. To represent you to your audience, we need to dig in deep and learn who you are, what makes you tick, and why. We need to understand your goals and the people you want to reach. We’ll get started with a set of discovery questions, on-site visit, and a series of conversations with your leadership, attenders, and community.


We’ll investigate. We’ll explore your area and culture. We’ll conduct market research, demographic studies, and surveys as needed. We’ll compile everything we’ve learned into a brand base document, and then boil your message down into a set of ‘pulse words’ that will guide the rest of our process.


Next, we’ll enter our ideation phase, where we explore as many ideas and concepts as possible. We’ll conduct both team and individual brainstorms, filling white boards and sketch books to find the perfect look and message. We’ll create a mood board to show you where we’re headed.


In the harvest phase, we’ll come back together to mix, match, and refine ideas. We’ll identify the best concepts, repeating the ideation and harvest phases as necessary to zero in on the most effective and powerful strategies.


We return with our recommendation for your brand, including logo, colors, typography, and design elements. Creativity is enhanced in collaboration and the input of those who are closest to your mission. Our process includes a revision phase to make sure every element of your brand becomes the best it can be.


We deliver your visual identity package, including your logo, a style sheet, branded graphic templates, a social media starter kit, and a comprehensive brand guide with logo usage, colors, design elements, and typography, style sheet, and brand assets.