ArtSpeak Creative is a team of creatives with a passion to use our talents to make an impact on the planet.

It’s About People.

For us, this was never about design or marketing, it’s about people. It’s about communication – not just being heard, but understood and received. Hear founder Kirk Hadden tell his story of the beginnings of ArtSpeak.


Core Services


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Brand Training and Resources


  • Website Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Advertising


  • Print Advertising Design
  • Book Design and Layout
  • Brochure Design
  • Signage and Wayfinding Planning
  • Sign and Banner Designs


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Digital Ad Design
  • Traditional Ad Design
  • Landing Pages
  • List-Building Funnels
  • Church Outreach Marketing

Our Team

Jonathan Meyer - Senior Web Strategist
Jonathan Meyer
Senior Web Strategist
Eric Hungerford - Senior Brand Strategist
Eric Hungerford
Senior Brand Strategist
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Drew Sartorius - Web Developer
Drew Sartorius
Web Developer
Alex Deeter - Graphic Designer
Alex Deeter
Graphic Designer
Jeremy Bozarth - Video Production
Jeremy Bozarth
Video Production
Shelby Gansler - Project Manager
Shelby Gansler
Project Manager
Keith Troyer - Print Production
Keith Troyer
Print Production
Cory Edwards - Senior Writer
Cory Edwards
Senior Writer
Kirk Hadden - Creative Director
Kirk Hadden
Creative Director
Rob Russo - Graphic Designer
Rob Russo
Graphic Designer
Andrew Arrol - Digital Strategist
Andrew Arrol
Digital Strategist
Michael Hamilton - Art Director
Michael Hamilton
Art Director
Benjamin Liu - Graphic Designer
Benjamin Liu
Graphic Designer
You? - <a href='/apply/'>Apply</a>
You? - <a href='/apply/'>Apply</a>
Uriah Fraccasi - Art Director
Uriah Fraccasi
Art Director
Jason Bowman - Strategist
Jason Bowman
Kim Hungerford - Senior Project Manager
Kim Hungerford
Senior Project Manager
Erik Gaylo - Writer
Erik Gaylo
Jim Gray - Marketing Strategist
Jim Gray
Marketing Strategist
Ashley Ulmer - Graphic Designer
Ashley Ulmer
Graphic Designer
Tony Alberti - Marketing Strategist
Tony Alberti
Marketing Strategist
Jeremy Hollstrom - Marketing Strategist
Jeremy Hollstrom
Marketing Strategist
Bria Bland - Art Director
Bria Bland
Art Director

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