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ArtSpeak Consultants bring an outside perspective and a wealth of experience that can help you get unstuck, move forward, and create the kind of future your team is waiting for.

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Bring our consultants on-site for discovery, evaluation, and team workshops.

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Create a strategic plan to turn your dreams into reality.

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One-on-one and team coaching to ensure your team is ready, willing, and able

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Our Process


Step 1: Gather Together

Bring ArtSpeak Consultants onsite for personalized Discovery and Team Workshops.

Available team workshops include:

  • Deep dive discovery
  • Casting Vision and Dreaming Bigger
  • Communication Strategies, including Leading with Empathetic Honesty, Assessing Your Business Model, Creating Internal Agency, and more

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Step 2: Gain Clarity

Create a strategic plan to turn your dreams into reality. Options include:

  • Communication Plans and Organizational Strategies
  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Structure, Systems, and Culture

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Step 3: Coaching

One-on-one and team coaching to ensure your team is ready, willing, and able. Through twice-monthly video calls, we help you face your challenges head-on with a customized coaching plan. Options include:

  • Creating Contagious Culture
  • Forming Cornerstone Habits
  • Gaining Influence as a Leader

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I particularly benefited from the insight into how to better listen with empathy and communicate with my team in a manner that was more suited to their individual preferences. I have been more successful in my efforts to gain influence by utilizing the techniques provided to me. More specifically, in employing the communication of a vision and being empowering to those on my team.

ArtSpeak provided me advice and insight which has real-word applications for challenges that a leader is facing right now. Whether it be recognizing team members, shaping a firm’s culture, or even communicating more effectively both in your professional AND personal life. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Mike Crane COO NewGround International

“I get almost emotional even thinking about it. Because when you guys came and sat with us, you understood who we were because you listened and you paid attention, and you were able to see some things in us that maybe we didn’t see in ourselves, but also to confirm some things that we believe to be true.

“And it was amazing to watch our team work with your team. When we got some of the first work back we said, ‘Man, they really do understand us—maybe even better than we understand ourselves at this moment.’ And helping us put language to what we were feeling and what we were thinking.

“You truly are passionate about helping the church reach people and to make the world a better place. And I know that you guys share a similar vision that we share. It’s not doctrinal. It’s about love and grace and unconditional love, just pointing people to Jesus and continuing to direct them to him.”

David Emery Lead Pastor Harvard Avenue Christian Church

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