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Resolution Movement

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A new solution bringing 21st-century apologetics and hope for healing to the next generation

A Passion to Re-solution

Ben Bennett grew up knowing Jesus, but that didn’t make him a stranger to abuse, addiction, and overall dysfunction. He knew it wasn’t enough to just know of Jesus. Ben needed to embrace his relationship with his Savior to experience complete love and healing. 

It was out of that connection that the heart behind the Resolution Movement was born. 

Ben Bennett

“I had so many wounds … so what came out of those wounds was a desire. Seeing how much brokenness there is all over the world and the lack of solutions there are,” explained Ben. “That’s kind of the heartbeat … to re-solution people with biblically-based, research-informed answers to their hurts and struggles, covering anything from mental health, body image, porn addiction, shame, and how to have a relationship with Jesus.”

With so much of the world experiencing the same trauma, pain, and suffering, especially Millennials and Gen Z, the mission was irrefutable. But the model needed some attention.

Resolution Movement

With so much of the world experiencing the same trauma, pain, and suffering, especially Millennials and Gen Z, the mission was irrefutable. But the model needed some attention.

Reaching A New Generation

The questions people are asking about the gospel today differ from the ones they were asking in prior decades. Instead of questions like, “How do I have a relationship with God?” the more significant questions seem to be, “If there is so much pain and suffering, how does God still exist?” and “Is Christianity good?”

Resolution Movement

Different questions, and a different worldview of faith, meant that Ben needed to present an old truth in a new way. Ben and his mentor, Josh McDowell, called it The Wholeness Apologetic. A combination of brain science and biblical truth, it was a groundbreaking way to explain and explore the love of Jesus—that He didn’t just come to save, but to heal.

“We needed to speak on all of these struggles through the lens of theology, psychology, and neuroscience, to mainly young people. Just helping people find real solutions and a thriving life through it,” Ben said. “What we found is that when you deal with your problems, actually engage them, then you start thriving because so much of thriving is about good and meaningful relationships with God and others.”

Resolution Movement

Ben also had dreams of creating a podcast, along with dozens of more ideas to educate and equip the next generation with resources and a community focused on healing through Jesus.

To create this lasting movement, Ben and his team knew they needed strong branding, a well-implemented strategy, and a way to utilize the technology that young people were engaging with worldwide. That’s when they called ArtSpeak.

Cutting Through the Noise with a Bold Brand

Our team had the opportunity to meet on-site with Ben, and when we got there, the first question we tackled was a big one: what to name the movement that had so much potential behind it. We started with an empty whiteboard, and by the end of the process, there were 1,500 names in play. After some crowdsourcing and beta testing, the Resolution Movement was officially named.

Next up: a visual brand that attracted the audience Ben’s team hoped to reach–a brand that supported the movement and cultivated community through it. The team knew it also had to work in the ever-changing world of social media, with colors and style bold enough to cut through the noise.

We created a brand with three primary colors: yellow, gray, and white, and made sure the style was minimal and flexible, easily adaptable in a range of contexts. For their logo, we used a ten-degree lockup to promote the feeling of upward motion, mirroring the encouragement of the movement itself.   

Ben Bennet Social Media Strategy Example

Then came the marketing strategy. The Resolution Movement was full of life-changing insight, and getting it in front of the right audience was crucial. 

Ben and his team partnered with ArtSpeak to put together a podcast marketing strategy, giving Ben a platform to dig into deep issues like addiction, abuse, depression, and anxiety. 

And we created a web strategy to drive engagement with Resolution Movement’s online presence, including their website and social media channels, connecting Ben directly to the next generation to speak into their lives about the truth and healing that comes from Jesus.
Resolution Movement

A Bright and Growing Future 

Today, the Resolution Movement continues to thrive. Their online presence is growing thanks to a brand and strategy centered around a 21st century apologetic.

Since working with ArtSpeak, the Resolution Movement has experienced some exciting metrics:

  • 16k+ downloads of The Resolution Podcast in 88 countries/territories
  •  51,430 Facebook Ad link clicks for Free to Thrive book pre-orders at $0.29 per link click
  • 1,206 email list sign-ups
  • 147% increase in average Instagram Reels views (over the past three months)
  • 258% increase in average Instagram post engagement (from first three posts to most recent three posts)
Ben and Josh McDowell also co wrote a book called “Free to Thrive,” with a foreword by psychologist and “Boundaries” author Dr. Henry Cloud. They leaned into ArtSpeak to create and implement a book marketing strategy using online events and promotion to boost awareness and sales apart from their publisher.
Resolution Movement

Ben and his team are grateful for the growth, but it’s the people whose lives have been changed through Jesus that they’re the most excited to talk about. 

“We’ve seen people being saved from suicide, people meeting Jesus, people getting set free from all kinds of things,” Ben said. “One that I heard about recently, a high schooler in Mexico. He came across the Resolution Movement and started listening to some of the podcasts. He started figuring out what was leading him to feel so depressed. There were unhealthy relationships, and he said goodbye to those and started investing in healthy relationships and a supportive community. And, of course, God was amidst all of it. And now he’s doing really well. A year later, I would actually say he’s thriving.”

Strategize Your Movement to Thrive

“I’m doing this full-time, and then we’ve got another guy helping out, and then we’ve got ArtSpeak. So I really do feel like I have a team and people to connect with. I’ve so appreciated the team throughout the years. 

And people will ask, ‘Who does your stuff? It just looks so good. It’s branded so well.’ And so that kind of excellence, it used to be the case in Christianity, it was the center of the arts and the city on a hill. And people really honored God, and they would spend tons and tons of money on chapels and buildings to honor God and reflect his glory, his beauty. And somehow, we’ve gotten away from that a lot of the time these days as far as music and arts. ArtSpeak is honoring God through that excellence.

Three years ago, before we started working with ArtSpeak, it was just a vision, a concept. And now, to see it be a global movement, reaching millions of people, it’s been awesome.” 

Ben Bennett

Resolution Movement, an initiative of Josh McDowell Ministry