Cornerstone National Title

Cornerstone National Title

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This central-Florida title company focuses on the biggest closing day win: relationships.

Cornerstone National Title

The Deal Drivers Who Overcome Closing Day Obstacles

Cornerstone National Title is a Florida-based company upgrading the closing-day experience for realtors, lenders, and for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers.

The title insurance industry is relatively standardized and traditionally “boring,” but Cornerstone focuses on accommodation and relationships. Their biggest differentiator — they’ll drive to you for closing.

Because for them, it’s all about people. Their mission-mindedness as a for-profit company made them a perfect partner for the ArtSpeak team.

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Cornerstone National Title

National Capabilities, Local Expertise — and a Budding Reputation

After growing to 50 clients in two and a half years, Cornerstone was ready to develop a new brand that would reach more people and position their company as the best title insurance partner in central and south Florida.

While their relational approach to title insurance was invaluable for their current clients, they wanted to communicate their differentiator to prospective clients. 

Though they had a basic brand and logo, they thought it felt outdated, constrained, and disingenuous to their vision. When coupled with their minimal web presence, they felt that their brand’s first impression wasn’t cutting it.

Our team saw the perfect opportunity to help them with strategic messaging, visual branding, and website development.

Brand Authority Through Messaging, Branding, and Digital Excellence

Our team started with their strategic messaging because it brings organizational clarity, drives visual branding, and helps solidify your “why.”

Together, we uncovered the power of their differentiator — being “Deal Drivers” — and revealed the benefit of anchoring their marketing on that unique customer experience. Here’s a segment of their Core Story:

“We are driven to close—as in, we will literally drive to the closing. We’ll come to you. Driven to close also means we’re the deal drivers who make that fast-approaching day an absolute success, before, during, and after. Like you, we believe that success is bigger than closing day. Ten percent of our profits go directly back to our local communities.”

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Next, we created an entirely new logo for them that felt strong, stable, and directional. We wanted their logo to balance a sense of stability with a sense of forward motion — to be seen as efficient, speedy, and trustworthy.

Likewise, our branded photo treatments imbued golden hues into the shadows and subtly blurred the subjects in the image, connoting both quality and speed.

Want a look behind the scenes? See the mood board that inspired this brand here.

For their website, we used three ArtSpeak writers who brought specific experience in the real estate industry to write the landing pages for each of their audiences (lenders, realtors, and FSBO sellers).

Check out their custom website here.

Cornerstone National Title

Unlocking an Unfair (and Unforeseen) Advantage During COVID

Due to COVID, the industry’s more recent move to virtual closings meant that people didn’t need to attend in-person closings to finalize the deal. They could sign most of the paperwork right from their smartphone. 

However, Florida’s high population of seniors makes virtual closings an untenable solution for most — but not for the deal drivers at Cornerstone! Now more than ever, they are leaning into their company’s unfair (and unforeseen) advantage and making their closing days about connection, accommodation, and relationships.

“The foundation of everything we do for the next ten years.”

“The Core Story process — clarifying who we are and how we can help our lenders, agents, and sellers — was most helpful for us. I was impressed with how well the ArtSpeak team took all of our ideas and synthesized them into a cohesive story for our audience. It’ll be the foundation of everything we do for the next ten years.”

— Mike Rea C.O.O Cornerstone National Title