Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited

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Rebranding a global network of churches poised to reach generations for Christ. But how do you launch a new brand across 26 nations?

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited

Global Network, God-sized Vision

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited (formerly Bethel World Outreach International Ministries, HIM-U for short) is a global network of 350+ churches dedicated to winning the lost at all costs, and making as many disciples for Christ as they possibly can in our generation.

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited

Global Outreach, Global Problems

As a global network with a God-sized, missions-driven vision, HIM-U was ready to expand its reach for upcoming generations with a new name and brand. But to plant hundreds of churches and facilitate outreach in global communities, they needed a unified look and message.

Raising the Standard 

Unified, global outreach presents unique challenges. Undeterred, HIM-U partnered with ArtSpeak to make their vision a reality. 

Working alongside their leadership, we developed their strategic message, logo, visual identity, and additional deliverables to help them launch their global brand.

We also provided a “logo system” to guide individual churches as they adopted the new brand. As current congregations re-brand and new churches are planted, each has standard practices to follow for visual and messaging alignment across the globe. HIM-U even had their Brand Guide translated into several different languages to ensure all churches could implement their standards around the globe.

Harvest Intercontinental Ministries Unlimited

Saving Time and Souls

HIM-U’s clear set of brand standards empowered them to have a successful, multinational launch. Their systematized brand helped them avoid rebranding each individual church, potentially saving them thousands of hours they could now dedicate to people and ministry.

HIM-U can now communicate a unified vision with a clear message and strong visual identity. Combined, these elements are full of energy and magnetism for believers who are ready to “move from going-through-the-motions Christianity to Book of Acts, dirty boots, baptizing, miracle-marked, lion’s-mouth-shutting, kingdom-conquering, adventure-of-a-lifetime Christianity.”

Mobilizing a Global Movement

We were so blessed to work with ArtSpeak last year as our church undertook a huge rebranding. We were able to move through this huge project with Artspeak empowering our team the entire way, even during a pandemic! We received what we needed in record time and were able to mobilize our 350+ church(es) with the branding (and more) assistance that they provided to us.

The team was open minded, responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and willing to even learn how to assist an organization such as ours. I truly appreciate what ArtSpeak did for us and cannot recommend them any highly than I have thus far. Thank you again!

Edwige Akoua
Communications Manager
Harvest Intercontinental Church — Olney, MD