The McFarlands

The McFarlands

Branding, Social Media, Web Design & Development

Join the family that’s making people’s day through positive content on social media.

A Dose of Wholesome Goodness

If you’ve ever scrolled through TikTok for an hour (guilty 🤚), you’ve probably seen a McFarland Family video. They’re three sons and a dad making goofy dance videos and Boomer Dad memes. Because why not?!

And that’s how they started, just a fun family in Louisville, Ky., making funny videos together on the now-defunct social platform, Vine. They never dreamed that their migration to TikTok in 2019 would result in almost 3 million followers, one of twelve official TikTok Ambassador endorsements, hundreds of millions of video views, and a TIME Magazine spotlight story.
The McFarlands

Their content’s success started catching the attention of some major brands, and before they knew it, they were juggling multiple offers from brands like Little Caesars, Adult Swim, and Amazon’s Alexa to integrate their products into McFarland family videos.

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The McFarlands

Building a Brand for Fans and Fortune 500’s

As their video views on TikTok and YouTube began to ramp up, it was clear that their family pastime was morphing into a legitimate business opportunity. But their brand, messaging, and website weren’t established enough to make that official leap into a scalable business, so they needed some help.

First, they needed a website right away. They needed a searchable landing page where potential brands could check out their work and submit interest forms for potential partnerships.

Next, they needed fun branding that connected with their fans, one that felt homegrown, wholesome, and organic. But they also needed it to feel legitimate and established for the companies looking for partnerships.

Finally, they needed help with some strategic messaging — words, phrases, and stories to use not only for their digital communication, but also for merch and apparel as a second stream of revenue.

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The McFarlands

An Authentic Taste of Crazy-Fun Family Life

So our team got to work! At the top, our team reversed engineered our usual process to get them a landing page right away. We typically wait to build a website until discovery, messaging, and branding are fully complete, but we were happy to jumpstart their web presence so that they wouldn’t miss out on a partnership opportunity while we developed their brand.

Although they came to us with some fun and positive phrases, they wanted their core message to be more than that — they wanted their community to feel included. Developing value propositions like “Welcome to the family!”, “Come on in!”, and “We’re all one big family” helped shift their perception from “watch us be funny” to “have fun with us.”

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Next, we developed a logo and font that felt hand-drawn and comic-y, something you’d expect to see in the funny pages of a newspaper. We wanted their color palette to be bright pastels with soft accents that popped on screens and merchandise. We even hand drew some illustrated “mascots” for them to use in gifs, stickers, and apparel.

We then deployed the entire brand into a 2.0 version of the website that felt fresh, fun, and inviting for fans and brands alike. We capped it off with a newsletter subscription and email sequence for anyone interested in keeping up with the McFarlands.

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Kick Back, Relax, and Smile with the McFarlands

Nothing can stop the McFarland train now. With almost 3 million followers and growing, the McFarlands are making entertaining content, spreading positivity, getting people to laugh, and inviting others to feel like they’re part of the family. And their new brand, messaging, and website are facilitating more brand partnerships than ever before.

Welp. That’s a win.

Not sure who the McFarlands are? Here’s one of their videos:

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It was “a blast!”

“Working with the ArtSpeak team on our messaging, branding, and website was a blast! We were able to craft a wholesome, homegrown brand for our viewers, fellow content creators, and our brand partners. They even reversed their process for us a bit at the beginning to make sure our web presence was up and running as soon as possible.”

— The McFarlands