Saint City Church

Saint City Church

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Saint City Church

Connecting With The People of Saint Louis

We teamed up with Scott and Charity of Saint City Church to connect with the people of Saint Louis.
ArtSpeak Church Branding Colaboration

It all started with the clarified message.

We joined forces with Scott and Charity to refine their message to the people whom they are best positioned to reach.

Saint City Church

Identifying the Heart
of their Brand

We collaborated with Scott and Charity to refine the Pulse Words that would drive the style of their brand.

Saint City Church

The Logo

Once we helped Scott and Charity refine their message, we crafted a logo which abstractly expressed a sense of growth, while simultaneously connecting to the identity of the city.

Saint City Church

Scott and Charity had simple goals:

  1. To become known in their context
  2. Recruit new leaders.

To help them in these goals, members of the Artspeak team helped to create compelling styling and clear and targeted messaging. We also set them up with the tools they needed to hit the ground running with their brand style and clarified message.

Tapping into the Target Audience

We tapped into the aesthetics of microbrewing culture to connect with the people in the target audience of Saint City Church, which included:
  • Working and upper class young families
  • College students
Saint City Church

City Kids Sub-brand

We created a one-of-a-kind hand-lettered script logo for their children’s ministry that fit harmoniously within their expression, and conveyed safety and fun.
Saint City Church

Saint City’s Visual Identity System

We set up Scott and Charity with a broad scope of branded assets that could easily be used for social media and merchandise.

Saint City Church

The Brand Guide

We crafted a Brand Guide to help future creative team members navigate suggested guidelines and breathe new life of their own into the brand’s expression. (Want a look behind the scenes? See the mood board that inspired this brand.)