Branding, Social Media, Web Design & Development
MGA had a long history as a pioneer and leading expert on church sound and lighting integration, working with some of the largest churches and auditoriums in North and South America. But, they had begun to sense that their aging visual brand was hindering their ability to connect with the next generation of creative pastors and church leaders. MGA partnered with ArtSpeak to reimagine their logo and branding, as well craft new messaging, online presence, and marketing strategy.
MGA's Logo Update

Refining the Logo

As a well-known brand within their industry, we weren’t eager to completely throw out the old logo. But, we did need to refine and update the basic shape to better represent their cutting-edge expertise in a forward-looking field. The new logo was designed to be simple, modern, and flexible.



The top of the list for MGA’s needs after their overall branding and messaging had been established was a complete overhaul of their online presence.

Website Strategy

MGA is a team of leading experts in the areas of auditorium sound design, lighting, and video integration. We designed a website that would allow them to use that expertise to help their primary audience – church creative pastors – even as they established themselves in their minds as the go-to helpful experts. The website was carefully designed to help lead visitors into a conversation with MGA’s team.

MGA Website Design

An Interactive Experience

The website needed to live up to MGA’s reputation as experts in live audio-visual experiences. We added custom animations and smooth page transitions to make it fun for visitors to interact with the website.

MGA Facebook