Rust City

Rust City


Blue Collar & Proud

We joined forces with Rust City Church (formerly The Movement), giving visual voice to their clearly-defined messaging. They were reaching for blue collar, no-nonsense people who had a tremendous sense of pride in the struggle of living and working in the American Rust Belt. We built a brand designed to empower them to embrace their “rust belt” roots, plant their flag firmly in its abandoned soil, and rewrite the story of what rust could be.

Scope of Work

  • Logo
  • Branding
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Logo Design: Utility in Motion

Rust City Church’s logo design is a microcosm of their mission and vision. Identifying with the industrial past, its masculinity is offset by an upward, dynamic motion, which is an embodiment of God’s future for the Rust Belt.

Industrial Chic

Rust City Church’s brand contains abstractions of the Rust Belt’s industrial past. Textures, colors and typography contain bits and pieces of the blue collar aesthetic which have been reinterpreted for a refined, dynamic and bold brand.