Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™: How to build an audience from scratch

By: Megan Dennett | Branding Case Studies featured

Anything but predictable

Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™ was your typical have-it-all-together career woman. She was a successful broadcast journalist who helped her news station build an audience of new viewers. She had become a CrossFit gym owner and instructor, working alongside her husband. It was a pristine, curated life. She assumed that when she became a mom, she’d approach it the same way she did everything else: exactly according to her thorough, detailed plan.

Burdened by mom guilt, she tore through parenting books, scrolled through (not-so-helpful) advice on social media, and, eventually, turned to the Bible.

Those dreams came to a grinding halt when the reality of motherhood set in. Messy. Chaotic. Unpredictable. A far cry from the picture-perfect life she left behind. Burdened by mom guilt, she tore through parenting books, scrolled through (not-so-helpful) advice on social media, and, eventually, turned to the Bible.

Through learning about the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22—23), she experienced a mindset shift. She began to see temper tantrums and sucky situations as opportunities to develop those fruit within herself. By being able to connect them to her own life, she saw them as more than just words on a page and instead a way to let God into those situations — rather than mom guilt.


Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™ wants to help moms find joy in the chaos

With her newfound perspective on motherhood, she wanted to help other moms in their journeys. She began writing her book: Mom-Dentity™. With it, she sought to inspire and encourage moms to bridge the gap between loneliness, frustration, and mom guilt and the joy of motherhood by living in the Fruit of the Spirit. She was excited to share her message with moms who needed it. The only problem—she kept receiving the same feedback from publishers: You need to build an audience first.

To build an audience of her own, Courtney knew she needed to get herself out there but wasn’t sure how to do it. She had plenty of experience as an on-screen personality thanks to her years in journalism, and plenty more charisma thanks to her role as a CrossFit trainer. But she needed a plan. So, she reached out to ArtSpeak Creative.

The game plan

Strategic messaging

We helped identify Courtney’s strengths and how her point of view can help support and encourage other moms. In doing so, we established the core audience that she was best suited to reach—moms in their late twenties to mid-thirties with young children (whether working or stay-at-home moms). We crafted strategic messaging that speaks to real moms dealing with real life—whether that be toddler meltdowns, lost soccer jerseys, or sleepless nights—all while offering the reality that you don’t have to love every moment to love your kids.

This culminated in the brand promise: Mom-Dentity™ is a game plan for finding the mom God created you to be in the worst, most chaotic, and funniest parts of your life.

Visual identity

Armed with thoughtful messaging and an understanding of the target audience for Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™, our team got to work on building a visual identity to reflect that. The goal was to create a look that is fun, accessible, and energetic. We developed a lighthearted, practical color palette that sparks imagination and creativity using fun and approachable typefaces. The design invites moms to kick back, sink in, and experience a brand that embraces the real life of motherhood.


This new brand was the catalyst for a completely revamped Mom-Dentity™ website. The website invited moms to join the Mom-Dentity™ community through insightful blog posts, with the opportunity to dig deeper through weekly emails chock full of encouragement. 

Content marketing and social media

Our team worked closely with Courtney to build an ongoing marketing plan that included blog posts, emails, and social media content. We approached this in the same way Courtney does in her coaching by focusing on progress, not perfection. The foundation? Consistency. This was the key to boosting engagement with the existing Mom-Dentity audience, fostering new growth, showcasing trustworthiness, and, ultimately, leading the audience to action.

Book editing

Then came a monumental milestone for Courtney. Her book was finished and ready for review. The ArtSpeak team was able to copyedit the first draft and provide helpful feedback so that it was ready to be viewed by potential publishers.

New growth for Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™

As she continues pitching her book to publishers, Courtney is establishing herself as a thought leader and coach in the digital space. She has been working to build an audience, and experiencing a great deal of growth.

As of January 2024, the Mom-Dentity™ Instagram has seen a 1,043.5% increase in followers and a 330.1% increase in engagement.

Her weekly email newsletter consistently receives more than double the standard of engagement for her industry. Across platforms, she has amassed hundreds of new subscribers, all ready to engage in all that Courtney Wise of Mom-Dentity™ has to offer.