Church Planter Resources

Church Planter Resources

By: Cory Edwards | Church Planting

Church planters, how can we help you on your God-given mission?

Our mission is to help The Church reach more people. And we work with a lot of church planters to do just that. If you’re still gathering inspiration or just need practical help to launch, here are some church planter resources to get you in the right direction.

1. Get Started on Your Message with this Messaging Worksheet

What’s your message to the people you’re called to reach? And how will you communicate that at the grocery store, the coffee shop, and your neighbor’s barbecue? Then, how can you translate that message to donors wondering if they should get on board? This fillable messaging worksheet will get you started.

Church Planter Messaging Worksheet»

2. Refine Your Message with this Branding Questionnaire

When you’re ready to take a deep dive into messaging strategy, consider filling out our Branding Questionnaire. It will help you think more deeply about all of the elements you’ll need to consider. It can also help you set a clear course for the future.

Branding Questionnaire»

3. Plan Launch Day with Our Church Planter Checklist Resource

Here’s our one-year Church Planter Timeline/Checklist to guide you to your initial gathering step by step.

Church Planter Timeline»

4. Find a Family of Fellow Church Planters in the Next Wave Community

We partner with Steve Pike of Next Wave whose online community is for people starting churches in hard places. They provide resources for church planters including weekly online meetups, daily interactions, and special guests like Mark Batterson, Alan Hirsch, and Doug Clay.

Here’s one month free to the Next Wave Community»

You can also purchase his groundbreaking book, Next Wave: Discovering the 21st Century Church, for 50% off with the coupon code “reachpeople”.

Get the book here»

5. Work with Better Metrics for a More Effective Church Launch

Wonder what you need to do to make sure people show up at your first gathering? Steve’s created this amazing resource for church startups: a calculator to help you use real-world metrics between now and launch day.

Church Starter Engagement Calculator»

6. Get the Church Naming Checklist

Next, here are ten filters to use when choosing your name, so you don’t make the same mistake we did at the beginning:

Church Naming Checklist»

Need encouragement and inspiration? Check out our portfolio. And here are a few of the innovators whose brands you might enjoy.

Our most commented-on brand project of all time»

Doctors reaching unchurched doctors in Houston, Texas»

Minnesota church planters reaching the “dones” in a sleepy midwest town»

DC church planter who launched during quarantine and had 1300 viewers in three weeks»

7. Get Resources from Our Friends at Portable Church

We used Portable Church to launch services in a local movie theater. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Here’s their website»

Here’s a great article from them with more resources»

8. Get your free consultation with an ArtSpeak Strategist

If you want to see how a marketing strategy might make a difference for you as a church planter, we’d love to help. We’re mission-minded creatives who draw out your unique voice and help you share it with those you’re called to reach.

Just scroll down, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.