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Future Church

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With a heart for Washington, DC’s disconnected and unreached, Future Church’s Josue Urrutia planted a discipleship-first congregation where people find love, belonging, and hope for the future.

Future Church

A Church Plant on a Mission: “Go Preach. Make Disciples.”

Future Church is an intentionally diverse congregation structured around a discipleship-first model. Their weekly meeting, though crucial, celebrates what God does in their church during the week.

Their vision: Building disciples of Jesus Christ. Paving the way for future generations. Influencing DC to influence the world. 

The church’s key Scripture is Psalm 102:8:

Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the LORD.

Creating Community in a City of Transplants

As a DC native, Pastor Josue has always felt a deep sense of connection in his neighborhood. But much of DC is a city of transplants — people moving to town to work in or around the US government. 

Wanting to get to know this part of his town better, he decided to meet people outside of his circles by driving for Uber and Lyft. 

He met a different part of DC — busy, influential, and unchurched professionals looking for community. Though they may not care about religion, these were people who said they would go to church just to feel connected. 

He needed a brand that would disrupt these professionals’ busy lives by challenging their preconceived notions around what “church” means.

Branding Future Church

ArtSpeak Creative worked with Pastor Josue to compose strategic messaging to address the loneliness and isolation many DC transplants feel. (To find out more about how we crafted their unique Core Story, read here.)

Their logo (a pixelated version of a stylized calligraphy “f”) communicates both a sense of history and a commitment to innovation. We also helped them establish a texture to set their photography and graphic assets apart — large square pixels along a forty-five-degree angle.

Most brands have a primary color, but we decided Future Church’s brand would create intrigue using color. The brand wouldn’t focus on any color besides black and white.

Then, we gave them a broad palette of secondary options. Their designers can use the palette to create various on-brand graphics for events, sermon series, and more.

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Future Church

Launching During Quarantine: 0 to 1300 in Three Weeks!

By the beginning of quarantine 2020, Future Church had not yet publicized a weekly service beyond their launch team. With most of the world shut down, they decided to create an online service before starting in-person services.

Future Church’s team only shared the link with a few friends. Then something happened they hadn’t anticipated: Their online community grew to 1300 viewers in the US and South America in just three short weeks… 

With almost no promotion!

You can hear from Pastor Josue about his journey from launch team to disciples around the world in this video and article.

Connecting People to What God’s Already Doing

Our fresh branding helped connect people to what God is doing through us. It’s worked hand-in-hand with what we were already doing as a congregation.”

— Pastor Josue Urrutia, Lead Pastor, Future Church