Cool animations aren’t enough.

Hope stops the scroll.

Is it possible to summarize 30+ minutes of sermon footage in 30 seconds? Not easily.

But the best sermon clips aren’t summaries anyways. They are:

  • Contextless micro-messages of hope
  • Edited to pique curiosity and enhance the viewing experience
  • Positioned as messages you can encourage others with, too

Watch our full ArtSpeak University meetup on Sermon Clips That Will Stop The Scroll— just one example of the many topics we discuss in weekly digital meetups inside the ArtSpeak Creative Community.

Sermon Clips That Stop the Scroll

BONUS: Get our safe-zone template for vertical videos.

Creating vertical videos can be challenging, especially when every social media app has different cut-offs and on-screen icons.

We’ve built a comprehensive overlay for you to use on your vertical sermon clips to show you where — and where not — to place your most important content before exporting.

Download our go-to template for safe zones for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok video content.

Create sermon clips that cut through the noise (even when muted).

Spark hope in others.

Interrupt unending feeds of bad news and heartache with good news and hope. Give your audience a reason to smile.

Optimize the experience.

~80% of videos on social media are watched on mute. Use animated elements and clear captions for a top-notch viewing experience.

Stop the scroll.

Make your message heard, empower others to share it with their loved ones, and reach more people.

Download: Sermon Clip Video & Social Safe-Zone Overlay

Download: Sermon Clip Video & Social Safe-Zone Overlay

Download your bonus safe-zone template for vertical videos, and watch our full ArtSpeak University meetup on Sermon Clips That Will Stop The Scroll.

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