Series Packages

Series Packages

Each new message series you do at your church is an opportunity to reach more people. The life-giving, life-changing content of your messages contain the answers to many people’s questions…but they don’t know that yet. With some intentionality and creativity, you can turn any message series into an outreach campaign that brings new people in to experience your church and your message.
Alive Series Graphic

Alive Series Package

For the Alive series, we designed a core graphic concept, and then expanded and applied it to everything needed to promote an exciting, unexpected take on Easter. We created a video trailer for promotion, as well as a series opener to be used as a transitional element during the actual service. Then, we created a marketing campaign with invite cards, postcard mailer, and social media posts.

Series Trailer

Series Opener

Series Packages

Recent Series Opener Motion Graphics

Set the Mood

A message graphic doesn’t need to preach your sermon for you. But they can set the stage by intriguing your audience, perhaps causing them to ask themselves the right questions.

Let us be your virtual creative team.

We love partnering with churches who are changing lives. For less than the cost of one new hire, you can join forces with a whole team of creatives, including a dedicated art director, project manager to keep each project and track, and a church marketing consultation to help you connect the dots between everything you’re doing and the people who need it.