Westover Hills
Branding, Case Studies

Branding for the Next Generation

Westover Hills was poised to rebrand for the next generation. They had spared no expense for a new community sports program, but their old branding was generic and did not encapsulate the reality of who they were. They needed a church brand that communicated the excitement, energy and passion that was already present in the worship and culture. Reaching young families required a new voice and a new energy that would propel the church forward for generations to come.

Scope of Work

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Print
  • Wayfinding

The Logo

Westover Hills’ logo pushes the boundaries of conventional church logo design and points to their mission of “making new, making great” with upwardness and excitement. Progressive and bold, it retains approachability with softened edges. It is a direct embodiment of the church’s energy and more accurately reflects the church, its mission and culture.

Westover Hill’s Brand Attributes

Westover Hills

Big, bold, geometric shapes and typography highlight Westover’s energy and upwardness. All elements were combined in various forms to emphasize the excitement and momentum present at Westover.

The Discovery Process

The authenticity and energy of Westover Hills’ worship service could only be experienced in person. It even provided the inspiration for the brand colors: a spectrum of sunset and sunrise hues that reflect San Antonio’s predominantly Latino culture. We were on-site talking to families and leaders, diving deep to get the full picture of who Westover Hills was and who they were reaching.

Our onsite visit yielded tremendous gems: the discovery of a thriving, life-giving volunteer culture, a concert-level worship experience, and the need to focus on young professionals and their families. Our second onsite gave us the opportunity to develop a wayfinding strategy for their large, multi-building campus.

Westover Hills

Westover Sports

When Westover Hills says they want to reach their community, they mean it. And Westover Sports was their largest effort to date. In a multi-million dollar effort to reach young families, they developed a state-of-the-art sports complex to facilitate affordable community sports programs for kids. Branded separately from the church, the program gives Westover Hills members a very tangible way to engage in discipleship. This program is changing lives and providing meaningful and fulfilling opportunities for members, parents and children who are encouraged to play regardless of ability level or even physical/mental handicaps. We were privileged to join Westover in reaching their community in such an amazing program.