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Brave Church

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Church planters Bart and Lauren Lindsey want people to gain the courage to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Brave Church

A Bold, Adventurous Spirit

Pastors Bart and Lauren Lindsey know how hard it can be to say “yes!” to a new adventure. 

Bart said, “We believe that every person wrestles with fear in some capacity. From doubt, anxiety, insecurity, fear of failure to intimidation, fear has robbed each of us of something. We want to create a safe place for people to process their doubts, wrestle with their fear, and move to a place where they are brave enough to say yes to God’s invitation.”

The Lindseys practice what they preach. They recently said “yes” to God, uprooted their family, and moved across the country to plant Brave Church in Missouri City, Texas.

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Strategic Challenges

Missouri City, a suburb of Houston, presents unique challenges for church planters. Several churches are already doing great work there. 

But when Bart and Lauren visited Missouri City, they spoke with area pastors who would welcome another expression of church. They saw the need for a church that could reach those who had discounted the idea of “church” altogether — precisely what the Lindseys hoped to do.

Not only that, but Missouri City is multiplying, seeing 101.4% growth annually (the US average is 17%) with Gen Z leading the way. The city itself is diverse culturally, ethnically, and religiously — a diversity that makes it somewhat resistant to change.

The Lindseys had another insight: The people they wanted to reach deal with high levels of fear. Bart and Lauren wanted to find a way to intrigue and draw fearful people into a bold life of faith. 

They were already at work with the Assemblies of God and the Church Multiplication Network. And they contacted ArtSpeak Creative to help craft their message, visual identity, and launch site.

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When Creativity Meets Community

As we learned about Missouri City and the Lindseys dream for Brave Church, we chose four Pulse Words to describe how the church plant should feel at every touchpoint: Bold, Connected, Curious, and Adventure.

Their messaging centered around what they were creating: a safe place for people to process their doubts, wrestle with their fears, and become brave enough to say “yes” to God’s invitation.”

Their logo, reminiscent of a mountain and lion’s claw, has sharp angles which point both up into a feeling of “bold adventure” and down into a sense of connectedness.

We built their color scheme and chose fonts to reflect those. We chose patterns, textures, and custom bullets to solidify their brand’s feeling of adventure further. Finally, we designed an inviting website to reflect their heart to bring a diverse community together.

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Brave Church

Bold Brand + Bold Vision

Since completing web and branding, the Lindseys and their two children, participated in the April 21 CMN Conference with the Church Multiplication Network.

On the last day, Assemblies of God general superintendent Doug Clay, director Jeffrey Portmann, and national youth director Josh Wellborn called the Lindsey family forward.

Wellborn spoke on behalf of Speed the Light. He said, “The students in the South Texas district of the Assemblies of God want to give you a boost. And so Speed the Light is giving you a grant for $50,000.”

Other organizations contributed, too. By the end of Wellborn’s announcement, Brave Church had gained a total investment of $60,000!

Watch the video here»

As of the publication of this article, Brave Church plans to launch on September 19, 2021.

Want a look behind the scenes? See the mood board that inspired this brand.

A Pivotal Role

“God has continuously placed people in our path to help us move further down the field. ArtSpeak played a pivotal role in that journey.”

Pastor Bart Lindsey
Brave Church
Missouri City, TX