How Churches Can Plan 2021 & Be Ready for (Almost) Anything

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Tuesday, January 26, 12 PM CST

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Fast-Paced Church?
You Can Still Plan Effectively

Create a Plan While Leaving Room for the Spirit to Move

A church planning calendar will give you a healthy team that communicates well and plans for your ministry’s year. Understandably, you’d want all of that without restricting the move of the Holy Spirit…in an ideal world.

But the fast pace of church life, continuously shifting culture, and last-minute bursts of inspiration make planning a calendar challenging.

Here’s what we’ve found: You can either plan ahead, or you can burn people out. You’ll burn out your team, your volunteers, your family, and yourselves. There’s a better way!

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How Churches Can Plan 2021 & Be Ready for (Almost) Anything

Get Actionable Ideas for Planning Your Year

Hear from Jason Bowman and Kirk Hadden as they share tips you can implement immediately to prepare for 2021!

Join ArtSpeak founders (and former pastors) Jason and Kirk for this in-depth webinar filled with ways to prepare your church’s strategy for the upcoming year. 

You’ll learn to create a solid plan that will allow you to make last-minute changes without losing hard work or hurting morale.

Feel like you’re always chasing the urgent?

Planning means expanding possibilities and allows time for BIG results! You’ll learn:

  • Ways to lead your team well when there’s a change to the plan
  • Avoid burnout in you, your staff, and your family
  • Set up your communications department for effective church calendar planning
  • Pandemic-proof your church calendar
  • Create a space that makes church calendar planning easy
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