Marketing Copywriter

Marketing Copywriter

Marketing Copywriter

  • ArtSpeak Creative
  • Part-Time Contract Position
  • Fully Remote 

About ArtSpeak Creative  

ArtSpeak Creative is a creative agency for life-changers, and we’re looking for a Marketing Copywriter to join our team! We are creatives who love the Church, specializing in consulting, branding, web, and marketing. 

About this role

As a Marketing Copywriter, you’ll work closely with our entire team of consultants, marketing strategists, writers, designers, and web developers to help churches, non-profits, and organizations find clarity, build momentum, and keep reaching people with their life-giving message. 

This role is a part-time, contracted position with the opportunity to grow into a full-time position. 

What you’ll do:

  • Work closely with the Writing Team Lead and writers to research and write marketing copy for churches, non-profits, and organizations
  • Work with consultants, marketing strategists, designers, and web team members to develop written content that informs, inspires, and leads to next steps 
  • Attend weekly meetings with Writing Team Lead, writers, and ArtSpeak team
  • Participate on client calls with the ability to lead discovery and receive feedback
  • Lean into ArtSpeak’s communication strategy and use it to help define clients’ identity, audience, and strategic brand messaging so they can reach more people 
  • Be part of a team that practices ArtSpeak’s core values: This is about people, gratitude is our operating system, empathetic honesty, confident humility, imperfect excellence, and persistent growth 

What you’re passionate about:

  • You’re a passionate creative who is driven to learn and make a difference in the world 
  • You have a heart for the local church in all its varieties and spreading the gospel of Jesus to others
  • You get excited about diving deep into what makes churches, organizations, and brands unique—and how you can help them leverage their strengths to reach more people 
  • You are optimistic about how you can use your passion, skills, and talents to help others 

Ideal experience: 

  • 3–5 years of experience in copywriting for a company, as a freelancer, or for a church 
  • Experience writing marketing copy that informs, inspires, sells, and connects
  • Worked on a church staff or as a high-level volunteer with a church in the past
  • Cultural knowledge and experience related to the local American church—its varieties and ministries 

*Candidates should be prepared to show a portfolio of recent marketing copy work 

What makes ArtSpeak the right fit:

  • Fully remote work with flexible work hours: Our team is located all throughout the U.S. and Canada, so we’re familiar (and comfortable!) with life outside the “normal” 9–5. Plus, many of us have families (from toddlers to teens!), so we’re not strangers to parent life. We work to over-communicate as a team to be sure we’re caring for each other and our clients.
  • A passion for the gospel and the local church: We work with a variety of churches across the U.S. and beyond. The right candidate will feel a passion for helping churches reach people for Jesus and feel comfortable doing so within a range of denominations  (along with non-profits and other organizations in their respective goals). 
Marketing Copywriter

ArtSpeak Core Values

It’s about people

Everything we do is all about the people we are ultimately seeking to reach and the life-changer clients we partner with. The best way to care for our clients is to take care of our people—our team. We understand that if we want to help others find abundant life, we must be healthy ourselves. We believe in rest. We believe in balance. We believe in taking care of each other.

It means that we view our clients as people, too. They are not just sources of income, projects to finish, or contracts to fulfill. They are our partners in mission as we work to reach people and change lives. We work with them in empathy, knowing that our clients are human beings with their own stresses and pressures, and we work to make their lives easier even as we help them become more effective in their mission.

Gratitude is our operating system

Gratitude has truly changed the way we operate. We start every meeting by expressing gratitude to one another. This immediately reminds everyone they are part of a team, lowers stress, and grows perspective. This also reinforces safety. When people feel celebrated and a part of the big picture, they feel safe in their projects and roles.

Empathetic honesty

Part of our job is helping companies communicate well, and we believe empathy is at the core of all honest and impactful communication. But sometimes there are challenges to address.

Empathy creates trust and honesty. Separately, empathy and honesty can lead our team members astray. Paired together, these two principles propel our work forward. We see this value in Scripture when we are called to speak the truth in love. Empathy understands. Honesty shares truth. This makes the problem the problem, and reminds team members that they are working towards the same goal.

Confident humility

Confidence is not the opposite of humility. One is required for the other. Confidence says, “I have value.” Humility says, “You have value.” If you have the clarity on who you are and the value that you bring, then you have the confidence to approach situations well. This is the basis of our collaboration and innovation.

Imperfect excellence

Perfectionism is about self: our pride and our insecurity. But for us, excellence is about serving someone else. We practice this value when we recognize that all of us are imperfect, which means there will be mistakes. But it also means when there are problems and mistakes, we are going to address them in order to serve others better.

Persistent growth

We are all growing. This value reminds us that we continuously learn from our mistakes. It creates a safe place, but one where you will be challenged as well. It means we are getting stronger, better, and headed somewhere together.