Elevate Your Marketing with a Seasonal Brand Refresh

Elevate Your Marketing with a Seasonal Brand Refresh

Express a new idea, reflect the moment, or capture attention — without leaving your established brand behind.

For churches, non-profits, and businesses.

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Is It Time for a Seasonal Brand?

Your established brand elements translate who you are to those you want to reach. But what if you need to express a different side of your brand’s personality, capture a new audience, or pivot temporarily?

Pastors launching a new initiative

Creative and communication teams looking to refresh pre-service slides, lobby signage, and general social posts

Business leaders promoting a new service or reaching a new vertical

Youth ministries who want a hype visual direction for fall launch, the New Year, and summer seasons

Anyone who needs to say something new, highlight a moment, or stay fresh

How do you stay “you” and accomplish something new?

Seasonal Branding Is Your Solution For:

Events & Campaigns

Decide what you want to express right now. Get more people to take notice.


What does a Christmas version of your brand look like? Easter? New Year’s?

Sermon Series

Connect your message series to those you want to reach. Choose visuals to support.


Beach vacation season, back-to-school season, pumpkin-spice season…

Leveraging a Trend

Thread the needle — balance a new trend while staying true to who you are.

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Pivot Summary

A brief explanation of what’s changing and why.


A tone word, an audience persona, and a tagline.


Colors, fonts, textures, and a seasonal style overview.

Digital Assets

Adobe design files for ongoing implementation

Image 1
Original Exponential Brand
Image 2
22-23 Seasonal Brand

“So grateful for you all’s work on this. It is phenomenal!

Sabir Robinson Senior Graphic Designer Exponential

“I love this so much! It’s still a nod to the original brand but it’s so much cleaner and fresher and younger looking. LOVE “

Kelly Selick Experience Director Victory Family Church
Image 1
Original Brand
Image 2
Summer Seasonal Brand
Resolution Seasonal Brand Before
Original Resolution Brand
Resolution Seasonal Brand After
24-25 Seasonal Brand

“Love the tweaks and the explanation. Everything is spot on with hearty too. I clapped out loud in this coffee shop. Thanks for all yalls work on this. Nailed it!

Ben Bennett Author & Co-Founder Resolution Movement


We’ll talk about your goals for the upcoming season, and how you can stay fresh but rooted in who you are.
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