The Journey Church

The Journey Church

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A family of adventurers inviting the religion-resistant to encounter God in the wild.

The Journey Church

Taking Seattle by Storm for Jesus

Pastors Jeremy and Katerina Petty had never lived in Seattle before, but their calling from God was clear: Seattle is ripe for the harvest.

Jeremy and Kat’s call to Seattle’s spiritual awakening weighed heavily on them, so they packed their bags and moved from Plano, Texas, to a sending church in Spokane, Wash., to prepare for their eventual church plant: The Journey Church.

Although their time in seminary and ministry had prepared them for this leap of faith, they weren’t naive to the challenge of reaching Seattle for Jesus. Planting a church in one of the least faith-receptive cities in America was going to take big faith, a committed core team, and a clear and compelling strategy for making the Good News sound like good news for the people of Seattle.

Breaking Hard Ground in a City Uninterested In God

First, they needed a strategic message—a story that would speak directly to the challenges, hopes, and fears that Seattleites experienced every day. And it needed to be authentic and empathetic to Seattle’s spiritual apathy.

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Next, they needed a visual identity that would cut through the noise of the bustling city and grab the attention of passersby.

Finally, they needed help planning their brand rollout—not just launching their first church service but leveraging the twelve months before their launch day to cast a clear vision for their potential donors and core team members.

The Journey Church

“The Journey” — Taking the Road Less Traveled

Our team started with their strategic messaging. We wanted to explore what “The Journey” could mean for up-and-coming city dwellers in the Pacific Northwest. Phrases like “Life’s a journey, and the journey is better together” and “Encounter God authentically (no religion required)” rose to the top. Finally, we landed on a brand promise that was intriguing and invitational: “Take the road less traveled. Live the adventure of a lifetime.”

Next, our designers began ideating logos that captured their unique message and identity. It was essential to convey a sense of guidance and directionality with their logo, so we developed one that resembled a compass you’d use on a hike or in a canoe. We also used photography of people embracing and conversing to convey a sense of intentionality and belonging. And finally, we developed a color palette that was bright, eye-catching, and matched the vibe of some of the biggest brands in Seattle.

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After helping establish The Journey’s messaging and visual identity, we’ve helped design merch,  set social media strategy, write a develop a fundraising website, and more. As of publication, The Journey Church’s sending church—Sun City in Spokane, Wash.—officially celebrated the launch team’s move to Seattle.

A New Horizon for Donors and Members

The Pettys’ passion for people and exuberance for Jesus were apparent from the day we met them. And we can’t wait to see how God uses them to bring new life to the city of Seattle!