Radiant Bible - Life Series

Radiant Bible - Life Series

Communications & Marketing, Creativity, Design


Radiant Bible Church of Avon, Ind., was planning a long sermon series—ten months long—and needed an engaging, cohesive visual that could shift conceptually throughout its run. This series, a study in the book of John titled “LIFE,” would examine how we are able to live here and now abundantly in Jesus.

The visuals needed to communicate the big picture and rotate through six conceptual ideas: the beginning of creation, water, bread, pathway, words, and relationships.

ArtSpeak’s ongoing creative support with Radiant Bible Church resulted in a series of visuals that were cohesive and engaging. The graphics appear to be moving, like an ongoing story, and reflect the heart of the series in the gospel of John.

Additionally, as the series led up to Easter, the ArtSpeak and Radiant teams collaborated further, replacing the scenes and imagery with first a dark background for Palm Sunday, and then an abstract explosion of colors for the celebration of Easter. This change shifted the visuals to communicate the effects of the resurrection—vibrant, joyous new life in Jesus.

Radiant Bible Church used the visuals throughout their series, through Holy Week and Easter, applying the look to a variety of print and promotional pieces.