Mountaintop Church
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 A church for all people in Birmingham, Alabama.


In 1992, a group of entrepreneurial church-planters started Mountaintop Church to reach the unchurched in Birmingham, Alabama (BHM). A place that has always welcomed anyone from any walk of life. 

Seen as a pioneer in a conservative city, they introduced contemporary worship and creativity to the teaching platform early on. Locals also know them as a church that invests heavily in children’s ministry.

In a city that is all too familiar with division, Mountaintop Church embraces people from all ages, stages, and spiritual conditions. They welcome diversity every Sunday as black and white join together to worship.

Mountaintop Church Logo Mockup

Rekindling the Flame

The entrepreneurial spirit that carried the church through the first decades of innovation and difference-making hit a plateau. 

Legacy methods, once fresh and new for previous generations, became less effective for a new generation of unchurched families. So in 2019, Mountaintop invited Pastor Carter McInnis to lead them into the future. 

Mountaintop’s new pastor and leadership team looked to reignite the innovative vitality that began the church. They wanted to empower their faithful congregation to move from obligation to a higher purpose. 

After vision-casting and fundraising, they contacted ArtSpeak to invest in a brand refresh and new website.

Strategic Messaging, Visual Branding, and Web Development

It all starts with strategic messaging. ArtSpeak helped Mountaintop’s team get on the same page. We partnered with them to define their identity, audience, and strategic message.

Through the messaging process, we crafted a family persona: the Mountaintop Millers. With this, we honed in on the hopes, fears, and challenges that Mountaintop needed to address in their messaging. Their messaging also includes foundational messaging tools like their Core Story and Value Propositions.

We crafted a heptagonal logo and colors that felt like the mosaic of diversity Mountaintop is and continues to be. The logo invites the viewer into an “eclectic,” magnetic, and courageous culture that embraces the thriving mosaic of Birmingham’s diversity. 

Mountaintop’s logo served as the basis of their missional strategy, which they outlined in the video below.

We also refreshed their “FOR • BHM” initiative, which encourages members to cross the racial divide and get tangibly involved in the community. Plus, we designed several custom badges as an extra touch of delight for their brand implementation.

Mountaintop’s new website is bright, colorful, inviting, and optimized for its intended audience. Though, our favorite page has to be the staff page, with personalized hover images for each staff member. 

Check it out here  >> Meet the Mountaintop Team!

Church Logo Badges

A Clear Message for a New Season

“I appreciated the clarity of messaging that you guys provided. The process of narrowing our vision, mission, and core story was super helpful. Plus, you’re creatives with pastoral brains, so you’re able to give direction that ensures the messaging is more clear for a general audience.” 

Jake Davis, Media and Teaching Pastor

“The strategic messaging phase of the branding process was one of the most valuable aspects for our team. We appreciated partnering with outside voices who are pastors and church planters, plus strategic, creative folks. Your framework helped our team gain clarity and alignment throughout our organization.” 

Glyn Denton, Next Steps Pastor