Download Your Copy of the Introduction from Next Wave


Steve’s new book received heartfelt endorsements from church planting leaders across denominations, including: 

  • The Assemblies of God
  • Norwegian Pentecostal Movement
  • The Wesleyan Church
  • The Anglican Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic
  • And others

Coupled with a strategic marketing plan, Next Wave: Discovering the 21st Century Church became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller the day of its release.

And Steve keeps hearing from people across the country about his book. On the day he spoke with ArtSpeak for this article, Steve said: 

“A church planting director decided he wanted to buy a copy of the book for every pastor in their district — five hundred books — just today! That was shocking to me, but the book made a profound impact on him.”

He received a note from another church planting director saying they decided to shift their organizational strategy and use the Next Wave metrics for all of their new churches.

We’re excited to offer the introduction of Steve’s book for free!