Can they hear you?

You have a powerful message.

It’s life-giving. It’s life-giving. It’s good news.

But the world is a noisy place. Your message competes with the thousands of other messages that bombard each of us every day. And when your message does get through, it’s filtered through a life-time of past experiences and 2,000 years of history. Does it still sound like good news on the other end?

Can they hear you?

Clarify your message and reach more people by asking the right questions:

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Can They Hear You?

Your conscious mind can handle 40 bits of information per second. Your subconscious processes 400 million per second.

Every day, your subconscious mind conserves your sanity by filtering out thousands of irrelevant messages. To connect to your audience you must convince their subconscious mind that your message is worthy of conscious attention.

Craft a message that connects.

Don’t just be heard. Be noticed. Be understood. Be received.

It starts by getting crystal clear about your unique message and the people you are called to reach. Empathetically connect the power of your message to their hopes, desires and fears, and craft a message that is clear, powerful, and life-changing.

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Can They Hear You?
Church Branding Questionnaire

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Effective branding begins with a deep exploration of your identity, your target audience, and your message to them. Use this questionnaire as an exercise to gain the clarity you need to craft your message and reach people through the noise.