ArtSpeak Creative 2023 Year in Review

ArtSpeak Creative 2023 Year in Review

By: Jonathan Meyer | Branding Communications & Marketing Creativity Design Web Design & Development

We’re celebrating all things new in ArtSpeak Creative’s 2023 Year in Review. This past year, we partnered with life changers to tell unforgettable stories, achieve lifelong goals, and reach more people through consulting, branding, web, and ongoing creative support.

Together in 2023, we…

  • Made new friends across 23 on-site consultationss
  • Helped build 46 new brands 
  • Launched 17 new websites
  • Partnered with 28 organizations for ongoing creative and marketing 

We are 38 dedicated creatives who served 127 organizations this year with one mission: Reach people. Change lives. 

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